Gnost Ziil

Kel Dor Mystic Seer


Career Mystic
Specializations Seer, Commando

Soak Wound Threshold Strain Threshold Defense
4 15 14 1-1
Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 2 2 2 3 3
Discipline 2
Education 1
Lore 1
Perception 2
Resilience 1
Vigilance 1
Brawl 3
Ranged (Lt) 1

Talents and Special Abilities

Name Ranks Page Activation Description
Dark Vision n/a 39 FaD Passive Kel Dors remove up to two setback imposed due to darkness from any skill tests.
Atmospheric Dependency n/a 39 FaD Passive Kel Dors must wear a specialized mask to breathe and see outside of their native atmosphere. A Kel Dor character starts the game with an antitox breath mask and treats oxygen as a dangerous atmosphere with Rating 8 (see page 156). However, Kel Dor may survive in vacuum for up to five minutes before suffering its effects.
Uncanny Reactions 1 110 FaD Passive Force talent. The character adds a boost per rank of Uncanny Reactions to his Vigilance checks.
Keen Eyed 1 103 FaD Passive The character removes 1 setback per rank of Keen Eyed from his Perception and Vigilance checks. Checks made to search a specific area take 50% less time than normal. This does not decrease with additional ranks of Keen Eyed.
Grit 1 102 FaD Passive Each rank of Grit increases a character’s strain threshold by one.
Sense Danger 1 108 FaD Incidental Force talent. Once per game session, the character may remove two setback from any one skill check.
Toughened 1 110 FaD Passive The character increases his wound threshold by two per rank of Toughened.
Physical Training 1 105 AoR Passive The character adds a boost per rank of Physical Training to his Athletics and Resilience checks.
Strong Arm n/a 157 AoR Passive Increase the range band of thrown weapons by 1 range band up to medium
Feral Strength 1 146 AoR Passive Add 1 damage to brawn and melee attacks per rank of Feral Strength.
Force Rating 2 101 FaD Passive Force talent. Each rank permanently increases the
character’s Force rating by one.
Natrual Mystic n/a 105 FaD Passive Force talent. Once per session, the character may reroll any one Force power check.

Force Powers

Name Description
Enchance When making an Athletics, Resilience, Brawl, and Coordination check, the Force user may roll an Enhance power check as part of the pool. The user may spend a Force Point to gain success or advantage (user’s choice) on the check.
Heal Spend force to heal a number of wounds equal to Intellect from an engaged living target.
Harm Spend force to inflict a number of wounds equal to Intellect (ignoring soak) on an engaged living target. The user gains 1 Conflict.
Battle Meditation The user may spend force to add one automatic advantage to all checks a number of engaged friendly targets up to his Presence make before the end of his next turn.
If the user used DS Points to generate force, reduce each target’s Willpower by 1 (to a minimum of 1) until the end of the encounter.
May spend force to increase range to Medium.
May spend force to increase the number of advatage by 1 for each point spent.

Gnost has lived most of his life in the care of the Baran Do. Most of his day was in meditation with the sages or training with the old weapon master. Preferring his time with the weapon master he has trained to make himself an extension of the Force.

He has not lived in isolation however. He has seen the cruelty of the empire and wished to help those in need, even on his own world of Dorin. Frustratingly, the Baran Do seemed content to only hide and do nothing.

When the Jedi came seeking assistance he had hoped the Baran Do would offer their aid. The Baran Do denied the Jedi any help and seem content to only hide. Gnost couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t help Even if the Baran Do wouldn’t do anything to help, he would. He was quick to offer his aid.

Spending time with the Jedi has been quite the cultural shock for him, but rumor of his order has given him somewhat of a leg up when dealing with the apprentences. Gnost has taken to some of the Jedi’s teachings quite well, but he has refused to use a lightsaber instead preferring the teachings of the old Weapons Master.

Gender Male
Age 24
Height 1.7 Meters
Build Muscular
Hair None
Eyes Silver
Notable Features
Gnost wears a breathing mask most of the time so many dont know his eye color. His skin is a light brown color.
Som has the right attitude to get things done.
Zeku is a liability and needs to be watched.

Gnost Ziil

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