Smo Kee

Weequay Sentinel Shien Expert


It’s been 10 years since my father, Sev, was killed during Order 66. He was my father, my mentor, my master. I was born before my father was discovered and trained as a Jedi. I too had the gift and became my fathers Padawan. Four years into my training, at the age of 15, Order 66 came down. On a routine mission I was given a chance handle things on my own. As I left the then turned Jedi, Valin Draco, turned on my father and killed him with an Ancient Jedi Sword that my family came into possession of. Rushing back to my master I saw him lifeless with nothing but the sword beside him. From that point on I vowed to bring my fathers murderer to justice…or worse and if he dies it will be by the blade he used to strike down my father!
My drive made me focus on my training and improving my Shien skills and became a Jedi Knight 2 years later.

Its been 10 years since my father was struck down by Draco. My power has improved immensely since I became a Jedi Knight 6 years ago. I’m now focused on finding Draco and giving him what he deserves. The sword on my back has not and will not become unsheathed until I fight Draco!

Smo Kee

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