Som Randeaux

Human Warrior Aggressor


Official Report, Aris Tull, SR-88

In an attempt to bolster the numbers of the New Jedi Order, the Council has decided to attempt to reconnect with those who had previously lost favor with the Jedi, and try to convince them to take up arms against the Empire before it can completely close its fist around the entire galaxy. Therefore, Kunó Iskander, Ephria Galeta, and myself have been ordered to attempt to meet with former Jedi Knight Som Randeaux. According to the official reports, Som Randeaux was kicked out of the Jedi Order after disobeying direct orders to bring back General Grievous alive. According to Obi-Wan, the parting was very much a mutual decision.

Even during his tenure as a Knight, Som Randeaux’s methods and fighting style were seen as… distasteful. He apparently tried to form his own Lightsaber Style that emphasized brutal strikes that would quickly dispatch or disarm his opponents, and demoralize their allies. But he was unable to convince anyone to spar with him in order to learn his “Randeauxzian Style.” After Valin Draco was killed at the hands of General Grievous at the battle of Parein II 4, Randeaux swore vengeance. The council attempted to quell his anger, and seemed to succeed, but to be sure they removed him from the squad that was dispatched in order to apprehend him. Randeaux went anyway, and found Grievous before Obi-Wan and the others could. When they arrived, Randeaux had not only killed Grievous, but was in the process of completely dismembering him.

It was obvious that Randeaux would be removed from the order, but in an attempt to soften the blow, Som’s close friend Sev Kee volunteered to deliver the news. He found Som already packing his things, and after a heated exchange of words, Som left the order and was never heard from again.

When we arrived at Som Randeaux’s hermit hideaway in the middle of the jungle on Aaris III, we found the charred remains of a hut, three corpses, and the ground scorched and accented with the debris of exploded fuel cells. Upon closer inspection of the bodies, one was killed when one of the cells came flying at him, and he attempted to knock it aside with his lightsaber. The other two had died locked in a duel. It appears that of the two other bodies, only one was dead. Som Randeaux was still clinging to life after dueling against an Inquisitor. His body had been completely bisected, his arms were charred stubs, and the rest of his body was badly battered, scorched and bruised. We set him up in a bacta tank for the ride home to present him to General Kenobi.

Update: After his encounter with the Inquisitors, Som has changed his mind about the Jedi Order and has agreed to aid them in any way he can. In exchange, his body has almost been completely replaced with cybernetics. He has sworn an unnecessary oath of fealty to the Jedi Council to serve them in overthrowing the Empire and rebuilding the Jedi Order. His new body is a gruesome thing to behold- his rigorous practice with his lightsaber was causing his sythetic skin to wear off too quickly, so stopped bothering to replace it. He seems to be aware of his resemblance to his former nemesis, constantly referring to his body as ‘his penance’.

After being informed that Valin Draco is in fact alive, and had killed Sev working as an Inquisitor for the Empire, Randeaux secluded himself to his room to meditate for several hours. When he emerged from his quarters, he requested that he be placed on a squad with Sev’s son, the newly risen Knight Smo Kee.

Som Randeaux

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