Zabrak Guardian Soresu Defender


Zeku is around five foot nine inches tall. His skin is sandy brown and his eyes are a jade green. He has a unique facial tattoo pattern, that also extends to his chest and back. He has no hair but several horns. Some of the horns are chipped. He has seen his fair share of combat.



Zeku’s Journal 004

Today marks the first day of my training to become a jedi. I know that my father will be a strict disciplinarian but I am excited for the trials that lie ahead. I will do my best to handle them with great strength.

Zeku’s Journal 009

I knew that the training would be rigorous but I didn’t realize it would be this bad. I am trying to keep my head up but I feel like I can’t do anything right. I hope my father is not disappointed in my progress.

Zeku’s Journal 015

My saber skills are finally looking better. It feels so natural to wield the practice double blade. Father says that double bladed lightsabers require a lot of skill to use but I think I am up for the challenge.

Zeku’s Journal 021

Father seemed uneasy today. I think he senses a dark future. He refuses to talk to me about it.

Zeku’s Journal 029

Tomorrow I am going to construct my double bladed lightsaber. I can’t believe it is happening so quickly. Father seems to be speeding up my training but I do not know why.

Zeku’s Journal 034

A ship flew over us today. I haven’t seen a ship in a long time. I felt uneasy as it passed. Father did not seem pleased either.

Zeku’s Journal 036

I used my blade to slay a gundark today. It was first kill.

Zeku’s Journal 038

A group of clone scouts attacked us. We were able to fend them off but I have no idea how they found us or why they attacked. Father was injured in the attack. I think he will heal but I am not sure. It is becoming difficult to keep my emotions at ease.

Zeku’s Journal 039

Another assault today. I had to kill them this time. They left me no choice. I do not understand why this is happening. Father’s condition seems to be getting worse.

Zeku’s Journal 042

Father was killed…They came in the night and killed him before I could react. I felt sadness and rage. I took it out on his assassin. I feel so empty and lost. I have left home and am wandering. Everything is so conflicted.

Zeku’s Journal 045

I have been wandering the planet for about a week now. I have been staying away from cities. I think the clones are trying to kill any jedi. Surprisingly through all of this I am sensing a light. It is faint but I am sensing it.

Zeku’s Journal 051

I met another jedi today. It is the first time I have met another one besides my father. He calls himself Obi-Wan. I know he is the great light I have been foreseeing. Although I also feel confusion in his presence. He is very powerful. He explained why the clones are attacking jedi. I am going to work with him and hopefully I can help other lost jedi.


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