Tag: Jedi Knight


  • Ceneric Hathka

    Ceneric Hathka is an expert with all weaponry. He is a vital member of [[Shadow | Shadow]] Squad. His primary responsibility with the squad is training rebels and insurgents.

  • Sufiul Naken

    Sufiul Naken acts as field leader of [[Phantom | Phantom]] Squad if Master [[:kun-iskander | Kunó]] is unable to. She is a master technician and slicer, both maintaining the [[Spectre | Spectre]] and creating any special gear required for missions.

  • Teekka

    Teekka is the field medic for [[Phantom | Phantom]] squad and thus takes his job as protector of the squad quite seriously. Due to past experiences, he has taken [[:sufiul-naken | Sufiul Naken]] as a member of his pack and will do whatever is necessary to …

  • Ephria Galeta

    Ephria Galeta acts as the social face of [[Phantom | Phantom]] squad. However, if the need arises she is also a master of the Ataru style of lightsaber combat. Her left arm has been replaced by a cybernetic implant. She has left its metal exposed and …

  • Werl Narr

    Werl Narr is the youngest member of [[Phantom | Phantom]] squad, having just passed the [[Jedi Trials | Jedi Trials]] within the past six months. His primary duty is as the pilot of the [[Spectre | Spectre]] and any other craft the [[Jedi Commandos | …