Nahova McBaga

Aqualish Sentinel Shien Expert


An unlikely candidate for a Jedi Knight, Nahova McBaga didn’t discover his force powers until the mid-point of his life. A bodyguard renting his services to the Jedi Counsel as needed, Obi-Wan discovered the aqualish’s latent power on one of his recruitment sweeps. McBaga made great strides as a trainee, and within three years had passed his Trials and earned the rank of Knight.

Owing to his background as a bodyguard, his favored weapon is a lightsaber pike, all the better to disguise the potent weapon. Nahova doesn’t speak much, as his aqualish mouth makes every utterance of common sound guttural and threatening. Nahova prefers actions to deeds, and makes good use of his force powers to quickly enter and leave combat as it suits him.

Nahova McBaga

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